The People Behind the Prestige Concept

A dedicated and integrated team consisting of 37 talented members who, together, redefine everything that involve a live show for events.

Each Member Shines.

Starting with the two captivating soloists, Iuliana and Costin, with an amazing versatility in interpretation, up to the rhythm section consisting of the best instrumentalists and a group of brass musicians with an overflowing energy. Moreover, the concept is complemented by the modern dance troupe, traditional Romanian and Greek dancers, and animation.

Iuliana Ghinea


Co-founder and soloist of the Prestige orchestra, Iuliana is the creative force behind every exceptional show. With a boundless passion for music and an outstanding artistic vision, she not only delights audiences with her unmistakable voice, but also contributes to the creation and implementation of new and innovative concepts for each event. Her talent knows no bounds and her energy and dedication are the key elements that make Prestige an unforgettable band.

Costin Ghinea


The founder and soloist of the orchestra, not only impresses with his outstanding musical skills, but also actively contributes to the direction and sound design of the orchestra. In addition to his captivating presence, he is the central pillar, carefully implementing every logistical aspect of our shows.

Through his artistic vision, he affirms himself as an inspired leader in the industry, contributing to the success of Prestige.

Couture Crescendos

A Complex Team, Perfectly Synchronised

Because every production requires attention and experience to run to the highest standards, Prestige has an integrated team of stage managers, technical engineers, sound and lighting designer engineers, as well as marketing and creative experts.

Our Values

Prestige Team

With a complex and perfectly coordinated team, we work harmoniously to create a flawless show in every aspect, translating our vision into reality and captivating the audience beyond all expectations.

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