Love Show

Show and Elegance in a Single Moment.

Live Music

Harmony and elegance meet in an unforgettable moment, the Violin Love Show. With exquisite presence and a modern repertoire, this moment perfectly blends the exclusive vibe of a high-end event with the noble sound of the violin.

A Classy Moment for an Event to Match

Every note sung with grace conveys deep emotions and creates a captivating experience for all present.

Furthermore, it adds an extra touch of refinement to any occasion and impresses guests with unmistakable elegance and a memorable performance.


Café Concert
Violin Love Show & Prestige Dance

Famous songs
Modern repertoire


A jazz trio full of energy and passion

Live Music

Choose the Jazz Trio Tajnic moment to add an extra touch of classiness to your party.

Each Note Tells a Story.

The trio offers a new and innovative musical experience for listeners at every concert. With diverse musical origins and influences, the trio’s performances are a unique blend of jazz, funk, electronic, classical, and contemporary elements, creating a fascinating and captivating experience for the audience.


The Saxophone, the Secret Ingredient of a Memorable Part

Live Music

Enjoy a memorable musical experience with Saxophone Café Concert to welcome guests or Saxophone Show for an energetic moment on the dance floor. An experience where the seductive sound of the saxophone turns into a captivating moment, tailored to the theme of your event.

An Unforgettable Sound Experience

A saxophone moment can be adapted according to the theme of the event, creating the right atmosphere. A sax-café program represents that unique moment at any party. It’s the moment that makes guests say WOW.

Even if you’re planning a formal event, such as a conference or corporate gathering, classical music performed on the saxophone can be an exceptional solution.

If an outdoor event is what you’re planning, the program we’ll put together will fit perfectly to the vibe.

Furthermore, within the events, alongside the DJ, we’ll create an energetic moment that reminds guests why they’re at the party, ensuring everyone has maximum fun together. Everyone will stay on the dance floor.

The solo saxophone set blends classical and modern pop to provide a pleasant ambiance as guests arrive at the events.


Café Concert Saxofon Show

CAFÉ CONCERT — Perfect for welcoming guests
DJ & SAX PARTY TIME — Where fun and dancing take center stage
FESTIVAL VIBES — For a front-row-at-a-concert vibe

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